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COVID Update 4-1-2021

Welcome back, families, to another fun summer of Eagan Baseball.  While last year definitely was a season to remember for those that played, we are hoping to see things continue to move back towards normal. With that, we have worked to update our COVID-19 guidelines from last year using the current information from MDH and building on what the winter sports has put together.

While the guidelines listed below will cover all currently-scheduled indoor practices, we currently are waiting to get what we hope will be an updated policy from the Metro Baseball League and MDH for summer play related to outdoor games and practices. Once we are given these updated policies we will be sending them out to everyone.


As with current state guidelines, wearing masks will be required during all indoor spring training practices at both the Savage Dome and The Cages. This is a 100% requirement while in the buildings and we ask that everyone please make sure to follow them. While Eagan Baseball has no officially scheduled outdoor practices, we realize the weather can get nice and teams may find an open space to practice. For these gatherings, please follow the policy from last year around practices where as long as physical distancing can be maintained then masks are not required.

Health Check

Players and Coaches should complete a self-health check before coming to any practice or game. This includes looking for the following symptoms:

More Common: Fever (100.4F or higher), New onset or worsening cough, New loss of taste or smell, Shortness of breath/Difficulty breathing

Less Common: Sore Throat, Nausea, Vomiting, Diarrhea, Chills, Muscle Pain, Extreme Fatigue, New Severe Headache, New Nasal Congestion/Runny Nose

-       One "Less Common" Symptom

o   Stay home from youth sports for 24 hours after symptoms improved.

-       One "More Common" Symptom or multiple "Less Common" Symptoms

o   Stay home from youth sports for 10 days, also 24 hours after symptoms improved.

o   Follow the Eagan Baseball reporting steps below.

o   If tested and result is negative, then can return sooner (with a negative test result, can return 24 hours after symptoms improve).

 Quarantine / Reporting

To help track and reply to positive cases and exposure quickly, we have created an online form.  This form needs to be filled out immediately by any player/coach who believes they have been exposed or has tested for COVID-19. During this time, the player/coach should not attend any team activities to avoid additional exposure until the case is reviewed and a course of action is determined.

Eagan Baseball COVID-19 Reporting Form

Once the form is received, the Eagan Baseball COVID Response Team will review each case and determine a course of action based on the data. An email will be sent out to all affected parties with specific dates on quarantining and returning to play based on current MDH guidelines.

Once any quarantine requirements are completed, the player/coach may return to play.

 Attendance Tracking

Each team has been asked to track attendance to all practices and games for the season.  This could be done with an app (Sports Engine, Team Snap, or Game Changer) or a manual process by the coach/team manager.  We ask that all families help in making sure whichever form your team uses is kept updated and has good information on who was at each practice. This is being done to help in assisting the COVID Response Team in contact tracing should exposures occur.

We hope everyone is as excited as we are in getting back to baseball! Have a great season!


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Off-Season Training at The Cages

Please check out the Eagan Baseball page at The Cages for off season training options. There are individual small group classes, training packages, and memberships available. Click here for more information.

    EBA News!

    9AAA Takes 3rd in Gopher State Tournament of Champions

    By Brigitte King 08/13/2019, 6:30pm CDT

    About the Eagan Baseball Association

    Eagan Baseball offers two programs: In-House and Travel.

    In-house baseball is available to players from Pre-K through their senior year in high school. Some older ages will travel to surrounding communities for games, but most play for in-house will be in Eagan. See registration tab for more information on in-house schedules. In-house is a less competitive, less time intense option for players who enjoy baseball but do not want to commit to a travel schedule. 

    The Traveling Baseball program provides intensive skill development and a high level of competition. The program offers opportunities to develop confidence and teamwork while competing with teams representing other area communities.  

    Siteheader baseball

    Weather Hotline & Field Closings

    Sports Hotline (651) 675-5566

    Game & Field Status –

    Game & Field Status Subscription

    There is a subscription option if you would like to be alerted of field closings. Please follow the instructions on the City's page for those steps.

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    Eagan Baseball Scholarship Information

    Eagan Baseball follows the EAA Scholarship process. Please see the documents below for EAA scholarship information and the EAA scholarship application. 

    If a family does not meet the EAA scholarship requirements yet still is in need of a hardship scholarship, please submit the completed scholarship application form with an explanation of hardship needs and your application will be reviewed. 

    Concussion Awareness Training for All EBA Coaches

    If you plan to be a coach or assistant coach for EBA during the 2018 season, you must be current in your Concussion Awareness Training.  Minnesota state law requires all youth sport coaches to complete Concussion Awareness Training at least once every 3 years.  

    If your training is current, be sure to have your certificate with you at all times in the dugout.  If you have never completed the training or need to update, you can follow this link to complete the CDC's online training module.  The training only takes 30-40 minutes and can be completed at your convenience.  Please be sure to print and save your Certificate of Completion.