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Volunteer Information

Do I have to volunteer?

The family volunteer requirement for the 2020 season is 8 hours per child in the program (capped at 16 hours per family). As part of the Eagan Travel Baseball (ETB) program we host a number of summer tournaments that provide a source of funding to defray the tournament entry fees for our own teams and to help cover facility and equipment costs. These tournaments provide many volunteer opportunities for ETB families.

A volunteer deposit of $300 is to be submitted to your team manager. This check will not be cashed, and will be returned or destroyed at the completion of the season.  In the event that your entire 8 hours of volunteer time (per child) is not fulfilled during the season, ETB will cash your check at the end of the summer.

While highly discouraged, we do allow families to buyout of your volunteer requirements for $250 per child in the program. If your family must take this option, notifying the Volunteer Coordinator pre-season is required.

This program is run entirely by volunteers. Many of whom put in extraordinary efforts to make the program possible. This is a program for all of our kids and the more people who volunteer the stronger the program is. Holding successful tournaments is our main fundraiser and is critical to the continued success of the association.

If you have any questions about the volunteer requirements prior to the season you can e-mail the EBA board. Any questions during the season please ask your Team Manager.

Volunteer Exemption Policy

Due to the number of hours required to fulfill the duties of some of the assigned positions within the ETB program, the following exemptions to the mandatory volunteer requirement are allowed:

  • The head coach for each team is exempted from the mandatory  volunteer requirement.
  • Each head coach may offer exemptions to 3 parents from his team.  These exemptions are intended for assistant coaches and/or the team manager. If there are more three team managers/assistant coaches, the exemptions may be divided but no more than three exemptions will be given per team. 
  • EBA board members are exempt from the mandatory volunteer requirement.  Board members who qualify for a second exemption (i.e., coach or team parent) may not transfer their duplicate exemption. 

Please contact the EBA board if you have any questions about the Volunteer Exemption Policy.