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Toby's Daily Drills

Drill of the Day: We will start posting drills for the kids to do every couple of days so they can mix up something different other than just hitting off the tee. It is important for the kids to stay active during this time and so we will do our part to send new drills for hitting/fielding/ pitching to keep them interested and wanting to work.

Go Wilcats and stay safe!!

EBA Update 6/4/2020

Eagan Travel Baseball Parents-

We finally have some good news! See the attached MYAS/MBL statement about baseball moving forward. While there is still a bit of uncertainty, Eagan Baseball is excited to move forward with the hopes that there will be a baseball season for 2020. The current plan is that baseball teams will continue to practice with the hopes that games will begin in early July. As an association, we believe that this is a positive step and are planning on moving forward with a baseball season. The Eagan Baseball board has worked hard to develop a plan that is fair to families and gives players the best opportunity to play baseball in 2020 if they desire to do so.

What we hope the season will look like (outlined in the attached document) is that teams can practice now, and games will run through July and the first part of August. The MBL/MYAS plan calls for 12 games to be played during this time frame. There also is the possibility of some tournaments, depending on what is allowed. While some of our neighboring communities have canceled their baseball season for this year, many others (including associations near us) also are accepting the proposed MBL/MYAS plan and hope to move forward with league play.

The Eagan baseball board approved the following changes to our program based on the proposed plan:

There will be 2 costs structures that will be used based on whether or not games end up being played:

    * If games are played (as suggested in the latest communication from MBL) the cost per player for the season would be $200 and we would refund the remaining registration fees to families.

    * If no games are played and just practices occur, the cost would be $40 per player and we would refund the remaining registration fee to families.

Given this new information, we have extended the time frame for families to opt out of the season. Families will be allowed to opt out and receive a refund for their full registration fees if they opt out by 6/8. If families choose to opt out at any time after 6/8, the refund would be reduced based on how the season has progressed (games or no games). If you would like to opt out of the season, please email to request your refund.

For teams that are short players (following any opt outs) we will work with the coach and players to find fill-ins. If we are unable to fill or combine teams for games (if allowed), those teams would remain practice only and would only be charged the practice fee.

Eagan will not be participating in any of the previously scheduled tournaments, as most of these have been canceled. However, if tournaments are allowed, teams would be allowed to register for any tournaments they would like and pay for them on their own. This would be a decision at a team level.

We are aware that there are many club options being offered to players as well. For the 2020 season, all EBA players will be allowed to “double roster” and play for both Eagan and club teams. However, in the event that club and EBA events or games overlap we ask that players prioritize EBA activities as a commitment to their EBA teams.

We are looking forward to some baseball!


Eagan Clubhouse Team Store

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Custom Eagan Baseball apparel will be available during specific ordering windows throughout the year. Non-custom equipment and gear (e.g., bats, gloves, apparel) is available year round, at a 20% discount. 
Recommended Eagan Baseball Uniform items (e.g., pants, socks, belts) for travel and in-house are available through the Eagan Clubhouse Team Store and items are featured on the Eagan Clubhouse website. 



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Our Eagan Baseball family suffered the tragic loss of our friend and teammate, Patric Vitek.  Patric was a member of our 2019 Cooperstown team and was heavily involved in sports year-round in EAA.  He will be greatly missed by everyone who knew him. 

The 700+ member families of Eagan Baseball Association, as well as the EHS Wildcats Baseball families stand ready to support the Vitek family however we can.  We ask that you please keep Patric’s parents, Brian and Cheryl Vitek, their younger son Jack, and all of his family and friends in your thoughts and prayers during this very difficult time.

EBA Board Openings

The Eagan Baseball Association is looking for individuals interested in joining the board for the 2020 season for the following position:

Community Builder: Run social media, our United Heroes League relationship and Youth and Alumni Day in the Spring.  Fun role with great potential.

Interested? Contact Brigitte King at

    Rally for Heroes Day with EBA

    The Eagan Baseball Association and the Eagan Athletic Association were pleased to welcome United Heroes League to our fields on June 22.  United Heroes League (UHL) is a national organization whose mission is to keep kids of active military personnel healthy and active through sports by providing new and used equipment, grants for association fees, camps, and more.   

    EBA News!

    9AAA Takes 3rd in Gopher State Tournament of Champions

    By Brigitte King 08/13/2019, 6:30pm CDT

    EBA BINGO Night was Huge Success!

    Thanks to all who came out to support EBA and make the evening a success! 


    We even had had a guest visitor stop by! Twins Alumni Juan Berenguer came out! 


    It was was a fun night and we raised a lot of money for EBA!



    Thanks to generous fundraising and sponsorship, as well as support from the City of Eagan, the EBA has been doing construction on dugouts for two DHMS Fields! Pictures to come soon- drive by and check out the progress!! Thanks to Dave Young, EBA Facilities Director and all the parents who helped with Construction! 

    About the Eagan Baseball Association

    Eagan Baseball offers two programs: In-House and Travel.

    In-house baseball is available to players from Pre-K through their senior year in high school. Some older ages will travel to surrounding communities for games, but most play for in-house will be in Eagan. See registration tab for more information on in-house schedules. In-house is a less competitive, less time intense option for players who enjoy baseball but do not want to commit to a travel schedule. 

    The Traveling Baseball program provides intensive skill development and a high level of competition. The program offers opportunities to develop confidence and teamwork while competing with teams representing other area communities.  

    Siteheader baseball
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    Eagan Baseball Scholarship Information

    Eagan Baseball follows the EAA Scholarship process. Please see the documents below for EAA scholarship information and the EAA scholarship application. 

    If a family does not meet the EAA scholarship requirements yet still is in need of a hardship scholarship, please submit the completed scholarship application form with an explanation of hardship needs and your application will be reviewed. 

    Concussion Awareness Training for All EBA Coaches

    If you plan to be a coach or assistant coach for EBA during the 2018 season, you must be current in your Concussion Awareness Training.  Minnesota state law requires all youth sport coaches to complete Concussion Awareness Training at least once every 3 years.  

    If your training is current, be sure to have your certificate with you at all times in the dugout.  If you have never completed the training or need to update, you can follow this link to complete the CDC's online training module.  The training only takes 30-40 minutes and can be completed at your convenience.  Please be sure to print and save your Certificate of Completion.

    2020 Cooperstown Team Sponsors