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2018 Cooperstown Team

2018 Cooperstown Team

2018 Cooperstown

2018 Cooperstown

Early team formation for the Cooperstown team each year is important because of the tremendous fundraising effort required of the team and their families. It’s simply not possible to form a team in the spring and raise enough money to cover the costs associated with the trip. The following is the process for the Cooperstown team formation each year:

  1. The 11AAA team will be the de facto Cooperstown team for the following 12U season, for those who choose to participate. (In this case, the 2017 11AAA players are the de facto 2018 Cooperstown team.)
  2. If there are vacancies on the team (players cannot, or choose not to participate), the Cooperstown head coach may choose players from the 12AA team (2017), based on:
    • Top ranked players, based on tryout scores
    • Position players based on need (e.g. catchers, pitchers, other)
  3. The Cooperstown open roster positions are to be filled at the discretion of the Cooperstown head coach with approval from the ETB Board president.
  4. As a general guideline, the target number of rostered players should be 12 - 14. 

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