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Coaches Corner

Coaches Corner

Baseball is a challenging and wonderful sport. It is individual-based and it is team-based. It is very humbling yet can be very rewarding just moments later.

All of us at the EBA hope you take the responsibility as their baseball Coach very seriously.  So before the season begins please review the following Eagan Baseball objectives.


Coaching Introduction

  • We believe that kids gain confidence and a love for the game through positive feedback from parents, coaches, and other players. Skill level develops at different rates for kids, but you can always provide the team positive feedback for effort and hustle.
  • We also believe in trying to make practices as fun and entertaining for the kids as possible, while providing the repetition and instruction that they need to improve. Attention spans can be limited so strive to keep them moving and active.

Coaching Youth Sports - Important Insights

“Great Eight” Factors of a Great Coach

  1. Be passionate: Lead with energy, enthusiasm and effort.
  2. Make it FUN! Get everybody engaged and enjoy the ride.
  3. Care for others: Be a servant Leader and keep the entire family safe.
  4. Over communicate: Connect, inform and share to let others help you.
  5. Focus on Growth: Push for improvement and applaud the effort to get there.
  6. Respect Others: Treat all players, umpires, opponents and fans with the respect you expect.
  7. Prepare with Purpose: Improving and winning is no accident. It comes with prep.
  8. Perspective: Winning Baseball games is important. You must also believe and remember that the skills you are teaching can and will be applied to the bigger game of life.